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Your home’s exterior appearance gives people a view of your style. One of the most important parts of your outdoor curb appeal is your garage door. Your overhead door in Lee's Summit, MO needs to be both beautiful and functional at the same time. When you want to improve the curb appeal of your home and make your garage more easily accessible you want to opt for a new garage door.

What Is the Best Type of Overhead Door?

The best type of overhead door for your Lee's Summit, MO home is one that suits your needs and has a beautiful appearance. You can choose from a variety of door styles and materials. Sectional panel doors are likely the most popular of garage door styles. These are generally made from vinyl materials. They are easy to operate and work with a standard garage door track and opener. Specialized garage doors, such as carriage house doors, are available to blend with the architecture of your home.

What Maintenance Do Overhead Doors Require?

Your Lee's Summit, MO home's overhead door typically requires an annual inspection and tune-up. The technician will observe the door operation and note any problems or noises. The door's safety features will be tested to make sure they function properly. The technician completes a ten-point inspection checklist and will adjust and lubricate any parts of the garage door mechanism. The spring tension may need to be adjusted so the door closes tightly. Have your garage door inspected at least annually and call for service if you notice any problems or noises.

What Parts of a Garage Door May Need Replacement?

Your garage door is a mechanical system so some parts such as the springs, cables, chains, track, and drums may need to be repaired or replaced. From time to time you should have a garage door overhaul. An overhaul is an in-depth evaluation of your overhead door in Lee's Summit, MO. During an overhaul, the technician may replace the cables with upgraded cables that are stronger and more efficient. Torsion springs usually last about ten years and may require replacement. The rollers may also need to be replaced to help your door glide up and down more easily.

Can Garage Door Panels Be Repaired?

The panels of your overhead door in Lee's Summit, MO can be repaired or replaced if necessary. The panels can get dented or bent over time when you hit the door with your car or with an object. When a panel is dented it may be able to be removed and replaced with the same style and color. Dented panels can make the exterior of your home appear unkempt. You can easily remedy the situation by calling a professional to repair the door. The door will soon look brand new and will improve the curb appeal of your home. Regardless of your needs, Bouseman Door has an experienced team in place to install or repair your residential and commercial overhead doors in the Lee's Summit, MO area.

overhead door Lees Summit MO
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