Garage Door Broken Spring Kansas City

Torsion springs are designed to last for about 10,000 cycles, or about 10-12 years of normal use. After that, you are just waiting for an accident to happen. When a torsion spring breaks, you will often hear a loud cracking or pinging sound, but you may not notice it at all. You may simply notice that your garage door opens and closes much slower than before.

Torsion springs are the kind wound-up on a rod above the garage door opening. There are a pair of them, one on each side of the center of the door. When one breaks the other often follows. To save the cost of another service call, it’s always a good idea to have both replaced.

Bousman Door now offers the Overhaul service. For just a little more we replace both springs, security cables, rollers, weather stripping, and preform a free garage door tune up. The Overhaul service is perfect for those with aging garage doors. Call or text us today for a free quote.