garage door repair Lees Summit MO

Garage doors are an essential part of the house facade. In addition to giving entry to your vehicles, it is one of the main implements of access control to your property. Because of wear and tear, at some point, your garage door in Lee's Summit, MO may start to work incorrectly and need repairs.

You will be able to realize when a problem arises by changes in the behavior of the system. In general, many people, despite noticing these variations, ignore their warnings and continue with their lives as long as the system still “opens and closes”. However, it is wise that you know some of the main symptoms, so that you know what the origin of the fault is and can decide if it is necessary to make a garage door repair for your home in Lee's Summit, MO.

System Activation Issues

This is one of the most common failures. You press the remote control and the door doesn't open, or it does so with difficulty. Before calling the technician, check the battery status of the remote control. You can also clean the receiving eye of the signal, as impurities can hinder proper signal transmission. Clean this surface with glass cleaner and a dry soft cloth. If the problem persists, call your service provider.

Opening and Closing Noises

If you hear a loud noise when the door moves along the rails to open or close, the most common failure is broken torsion springs. These are devices that help the engine lift and lower the weight. If you have a door about 10 feet long, the system may still work with a broken spring, but it's a high-risk situation. To check, observe the springs with the door closed, if you see that the device is in two pieces, you need to change it as soon as possible.

Clink, Clink, Clink!

This is a sharp, metallic noise, that is heard when opening or closing the door. Although it can have different causes, the most common cause is friction between the coils of the spring when they rub against each other. Rust is the primary reason for this friction, and it occurs more frequently in garages with high temperatures and humidity. In these cases, the system requires lubrication and maintenance.


When you perceive a constant sharp cracking sound when activating your door, lubrication may be failing. Some parts are metallic, and others are made of PVC. Both types of parts eventually dry out and will require service. If you wish to do maintenance or need garage door repair in Lee's Summit, MO contact us at Bousman Door! Our experts are ready to assist you.

Engine Noise or Failure

It is possible that when you are inspecting your door for a fault, you will perceive that the sounds come directly from the motor. In that case, to verify the motor is the cause of the issue, release the system and manually open and close the garage door. If all goes well when you manually open and close the door, contact Bousman Door for engine maintenance or replacement.

Rely on the Best

If you are having problems with your system, Bousman Door offers you the best maintenance service and garage door repair in Lee's Summit, MO. Put our experience of over 10 years in the industry to work for you. We have the most capable and specialized staff in the Kansas City metropolitan area. At Bousman Door, we are ready to fix your garage door like new. Contact us today!

garage door repair Lees Summit MO
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